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Shep Smith announces he is leaving Fox News
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1 mont ago
This is terrible! As a veteran I watched Sheppard Smith in the dining hall when not on missions, in Afg. He connected me with home, the US and what was going on in our world after 9/11. What a great loss. Fox, if you pushed on of the most respected news men out. Then YOUR OFF.
1 mont ago
Thank you for your service. God bless!
1 mont ago
Trumpsters have been screaming at Fox News every day for two years to fire Shep Smith because they can't handle the network being Trump propaganda ONLY 23 hours per day. They need pro-Trump ideological lockstep all day. Did they get their wish after Barr's meeting with Murdoch?
1 mont ago
Breaking news shep smith will be on air Monday afternoon 3pm on CNN.........
1 mont ago
I don’t blame him. I’d leave too.
1 mont ago
The day after AG Barr’s meeting with Rupert Murdoch...hmmmm. 🤔
1 mont ago
Exactly what I was thinking.
1 mont ago
Fox News just lost one of the few actual journalists they had on the payroll. I am an Independent and watched Shep as often as I could. His professional, ethics, decency and honesty will be missed. #sheppardsmith