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Hunter Biden says he will step down from Chinese company at the end of the month and pledges not to work for foreign-owned firms if Joe Biden elected
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and the devil's spawn, trump's kids? what will they do? continue to try to rake in money because all they know how to do is grift. learned at the tiny feet and hands of their daddy, a grifter without parallel... it is the one thing, only thing, trump does well. that and lie.
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Now investigate Kushner's shady $1.2 billion loan from the Saudi's.
1 mont ago
Meanwhile the Family of Grifters fleece the Country and the ₩orld 🌎 In plain view, w/the nerve to cast doubt on others ... Who've already been investigated, no less
1 mont ago
This is exactly what innocent people do. 🙄
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I think the damage is done
1 mont ago
He realizes he is hurting Joe’s chances more than Joe is.