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America is wondering, "what is wrong with Joe Biden?" He keeps saying he is in the wrong state! "There's something wrong," says President Trump. "How many times can you do that?" #KeepAmericaGreat #TrumpRally
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He is trying to hide from Durham.
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Such an extremely stable genius, the font of all wisdom. Surely he is the Christ Child! O, come let us adore him, the new Chosen One-in time for Xmas, no less!
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Joe is not well--and he should go home and be with his family--I don't think they will let him go--he is really sick--and will collapse on some campaign stop--mark my words --
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Joe's in a state of confusion!
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In my opinion, Biden has dementia.
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Trump 2020 👍🏻
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He's building his argument to avoid prison He's to feeble to go to jail NOT Maybe this was why he was pushing no jail time for non violent crimes lol