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A federal judge sides with doctors and temporarily blocks a North Dakota abortion counseling law
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2 monts ago
Doctors shouldn’t be required to give wrong information.
2 monts ago
My daughter in law has always been pro choice until she saw the ultrasound. The sight of a baby in her belly as tiny as it was it was still a baby. She may be coming closer to my side of 8-10 week limits. Which to be accurate is where the majority of the country is.
2 monts ago
Disgusting. Women should be allowed to do whatever they want with their body. No one should tell them otherwise. I thought we lived in a free country.
2 monts ago
It's all about control. If they were truly concerned about abortions, they wouldn't try to restrict access to birth control as much as they do.
2 monts ago
A lot of these abortion lovers could use some counseling.
2 monts ago
If only you could read as well as you preach