4 weeks ago

At least one person was killed and three are missing in New Orleans after the partial collapse of the construction site of the Hard Rock Hotel, officials say
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4 weeks ago
Or you know, blame the actual contractor for cutting corners.
4 weeks ago
Buildings don’t just collapse like this unless somebody was skimping on building materials to embezzle money. This is the kind of thing that happens a lot in third world countries where anything goes. So sad that this is now the reality in the United States of America as well.
4 weeks ago
It also happens when regulations are cut by the Trump administration
4 weeks ago
This is what happens when you hire $8 an hour immigrants to do the job of a $25 an hour union hand!
4 weeks ago
Very very true in this day and age.
4 weeks ago
Looks like Poor Engineering to me
4 weeks ago
Engineers aren’t on site everyday. If you look at the top few floors there should be vertical shoring holding up the concrete floors after they’re poured. Concrete takes 28 days to reach design strength. If the vertical shoring is taken down too early this is what happens.
4 weeks ago
Another Hard Rock parking garage collapsed a couple of years ago in Florida. Are they trying to save costs by using less materials ? Might be a bigger story here.