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At least two people have been confirmed dead in wildfires in Southern California, officials say. Multiple fires are still burning in the area.
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The Final Countdown - World Wide Wildfires Edition "One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic.” Joseph Stalin; Soviet Premier (1941-1953.) Considered one of the most notorious figures in history What would @realDonaldTrump call 100 million fatalities? #ActOnClimate
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Just days ago, I prophesied about this strange fire and more fire will overtake Asia & Australia, when I did prophesy: No one believed me. @TzipiHotovely @HeavenlyAvatar @cindytrimm @netanyahu @PastorJohnHagee
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Spirit and fire Divine Design ahead scriptures are being fur filled promises are kept In God our beloved we Trust amen @Pontifex @Scripture_Truth @Bible_Time @FVChurchAuburn
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May God rest their souls
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Keep safe everyone...
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Burnt it all down
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Sad & I am praying for the people ! God is still on the thrown ! Ask him through prayer to help your people he will if you acknowledge him ! I must admit asking & believing might be the problem ! Seek & find his help !
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"The #Sandalwood #Fire in #Calimesa , some 70 miles east of #LosAngeles , has killed an 89-year-old woman in a mobile home, and another person who has not yet been identified, the #Riverside County Sheriff's Department said" #sad #RiP 💐