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The Houston Astros fire their manager and GM after they were punished for cheating during the team's World Series title-winning season
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1 week ago
How is the @astros organization going to punish the players on their roster who were active participants in the whole thing? The players knew what was happening and rolled with it. That they aren’t accountable is unbelievable.
1 week ago
Not to mention that they each got a $439K bonus for "winning" the WS.
1 week ago
Good. Too bad the New England Patriots are outside of MLB’s jurisdiction.
1 week ago
Take that trophy away!
1 week ago
All rival fans salty af about the World Series
1 week ago
Congrats on the cheating
1 week ago
are they gonna give back the trophy?
1 week ago
#StripTheTitle Astros Cheated so their pennant should be forfeit @MLB