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A 16-month-old child's parents face charges in Texas after they allegedly left the toddler in an unlocked and running car as they gambled. Two men were arrested for allegedly stealing that car and leaving the child in a parking lot.
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If it has a neck tattoo, plz don't breed with it.
1 week ago
We’re just gonna ignore them forehead script? Lol
1 week ago
Everyone looks exactly like you’d expect them to.
1 week ago
Eh not everyone dude on the far right looks like he could be playing bully ball in the paint
1 week ago
Car thieves were just doing the kid a favor. #liberatedminor
1 week ago
Atleast the child is okay, the parents don't deserve a child.
1 week ago
What, not Florida?
1 week ago
Easily one of the best arguments for contraception ever presented